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One In 8 Million

The first shoot of 2012 happened at the Mercedes plant in Vance, Alabama.  I was there with Allen Rosen of Allen Rosen Productions and Brad Glanzrock of Homefront Communications to interview, videotape, and photograph an auto worker for the Auto Alliance, which is in the midst of creating a campaign that highlights the economic contributions of the auto industry and its 8 million workers to the U.S. economy.  So Allen brilliantly lit the scene for video, I created still images and Brad interviewed Christina, who works on the line at the plant.  Christina was a natural on camera and had a lot of fun with the crew as she explained what her job at the plant meant to her and her family.  Then we went out on the line with her and watched as she expertly weaved her way in and out of vehicles as she helped work on sunroofs, seals and other parts of vehicles that most of us just take for granted.  It’s a fascinating process–both producing vehicles and producing content!


2 Days, 2 Weddings Part 1 (Lisa and Jeremy)


Lisa and Jeremy of Panama City, Florida were married in Anniston, Alabama on Saturday.  Their large extended families joined them for several days at The Victoria Inn for lots of celebrating before and after the ceremony.  One thing is for sure, this couple (and their families)  know how to have fun!! These are some favorite images from their wedding day.


Welcome Baby Felix!

One month old Felix, his grandmother, and his mom Amanda came to my home studio for a couple of hours recently.  Content to nurse and be held, Felix wasn’t too interested in posing nude for photographs, so we finally decided to wrap Amanda in the blanket/background while holding him.  You can see what a happy little guy he is when in momma’s arms!  After Amanda set Felix down, he began fussing which shows yet another of the many moods and feelings a baby experiences every day. 

Congratulations Amanda and Lee!


Presidential Appointment

Birmingham Southern President General Charles Krulak

Congratulations to General Charles “Chuck” Krulak, the newly appointed president of Birmingham Southern College! Krulak was appointed just this morning and within the hour was addressing a room filled with students. faculty, and staff of BSC. He then interviewed with the media and mingled at a reception.

Capturing an historic event such as this almost begs for shooting in a documentary style. Christine shot these in color and then converted them to black and white for a presentation with a timeless feel.