A Day at the Farm


What can be better than a day at the farm, or the beach, or the mountains?  Relaxing in the beauty of nature brings out the best in most of us and can set an ideal situation for a natural, relaxed, and beautiful photo shoot.  And to top it off, the images captured represent the part of life we cherish the most: good times with friends and family.  Thanks to Elizabeth Lasseter for the invite to the farm and to Ashley Dulaney for the great energy and music.  The company and the blueberries were the best!




One observation on “A Day at the Farm
  1. Ricky

    – Well done! I got a sneak peek the other night when I was at Lauren’s. LOVE them! You did a great job of photographing my dear fenird. She is so beautiful inside and out and you totally captured that. Nicely done! You managed to capture her sassy and her silly side.


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